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Replacement Straps
Szanto (pronounced Sahn-tow) is a new brand of vintage-inspired timepieces designed by watch-industry veteran Barry Cohen, founder and owner of Luminox. Seeing the trend toward vintage looks in the watch world and elsewhere, Cohen developed his new watch brand with an eye toward designs with an early-20th century flavor, particularly those of classical military watches.

The new American watch takes its moniker, Szanto, from an old family name. Szanto timepieces, according to Cohen, will combine the larger dimensions of contemporary watches with aesthetic touches that recall those of vintage watches.

“Looking at the many beautiful vintage timepieces from esteemed high-end brands brought us to the realization that as gorgeous as they are, most people will never be able to own one, because they are so expensive,” Cohen said. “Szanto fills this void, offering wonderful looking vintage design watches at very accessible prices.”

Szanto updates vintage designs of the past for today’s world, with larger sizes and the addition of quartz movements for accuracy and affordability, thereby making the collection accessible to a wider audience.

Journey back in time with Szanto to the “Golden Age of Travel” - a time when craftsmen took pride in the quality of their workmanship, and a time when travel, whether by ocean liner, steam train or motor car was perceived as an adventure. Steamer trunks covered with stickers from exotic destinations like London, Cairo, Prague, Paris, Singapore, & Shanghai were common and iconic.

“Everything Old is New Again.”

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